Cartier ( Jeweler and Watchmaker since 1847

Cartier is a French fashion company known for making some of the world’s most advanced and luxurious watches. Founded in 1847, Cartier is known for its creative style and its innovations in luxury technology.

As a company, Cartier has always been an innovator, taking the lead in watches, jewellery, clothing, accessories, and more. is the official website of Cartier, the luxury jeweler and fashion designer known for its iconic jewelry, watches and clothing lines. In addition to an extensive online store, offers exclusive content from Cartier as well as news, events and deals.

Cartier International SNC, or merely Cartier (/ ˈkɑːrtieɪ/; French: [kaʁtje], is a French luxury goods empire which develops, makes, distributes, and also sells jewellery and watches.

Founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847, the firm stayed under family members’ control until 1964. The firm maintains its head office in Paris, although it is an entirely had subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group.

Cartier runs more than 200 stores in 125 nations, with three Holy places (Historical Maisons) in London, New York, and Paris.

Cartier is considered as one of the most prominent jewellery producers on the planet. As of 2021, the brand name appears to be steadily rising.

The Forbes Most Valuable Brand Checklist reveals that Cartier has gone up 3 rooms, from 59th in 2018 to 56th in 2020. With a development of 14% worth over the previous year, a brand worth of $12.2 B and profits of $6.2 B.

Cartier has a lengthy background of sales to nobility. King Edward VII of Great Britain referred to Cartier as “the jeweller of kings as well as the king of jewellers.”

For his coronation in 1902, Edward VII bought 27 pretty tiaras and also provided a royal warrant to Cartier in 1904. Comparable warrants quickly adhered to from the courts of Spain, Portugal, Russia, and your Orleans house.

Cartier Brand Details:

Brand Value$12.2 B
1-Yr Value Change14.%
Brand Revenue$6.2 B
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