Amazon ( Spend less. Smile more.

Amazon is a well-known online retailer. It sells books, music, electronics, clothing, video games, and much more. offers its customers a huge selection of goods at discount prices. The company’s extensive selection allows customers to find whatever they want at a good price.

Amazon’s website is extremely easy to navigate and use. The company has developed its application programming interface, or API, which allows programs to communicate with Amazon’s website. Amazon has always been a tech company whose culture is heavily influenced by its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos.

He believes in relentless experimentation, which means every new initiative, no matter how large or small, is treated as a test to see how it affects customers. As a result, he’s always asking questions about the company’s culture and how it might be improved, even when he doesn’t know the answer.

Amazon Brand Details:

Brand Value$135.4 B
1-Yr Value Change40%
Brand Revenue$260.5 B
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