Audi ( Vehicles Are Produced In Nine Production Facilities Worldwide

Audi brand has always wanted to be recognized for its design, its technologies and its quality.

Therefore, the brand designers have given us a new Audi every year to show us that Audi is a company that provides unique challenges to its competitors.

The Audi brand is celebrating its 75th birthday this year, and the celebrations are not just limited to the rest of the world. We are here to tell you that the German marque claims to be the most customer-oriented automaker in the world.

That is, provided you are a customer that buys Audi cars. The Audi brand, which was founded in 1932, was not always a luxury German car manufacturer.

It started life as a manufacturer of tractors and became a component supplier of Volkswagen from 1949 to 1959.

After the company had changed its focus to making buses and trucks, it was bought by the Ford Motor Company in 1964, but in 1969 it was sold to the Volkswagen Group, which still owns it today.

History of Audi: This car was introduced in September 1983 to replace the upmarket Audi 100, which was discontinued in the same year due to its poor sales.

The Audi 100 was the first car to be produced in the newly built Audi plant in Neckarsulm. The Audi 100 was a boxy-looking car with a long bonnet and short tail and was available in four colours.

It was styled by Hans-Jakob von dreamer, responsible for designing the Audi 100’s predecessor, the Audi Quattro, produced from 1980 to 1983.

The Audi 100 was known for its four-wheel-drive system, which was later adopted in the Audi Quattro.

Audi Brand Details:

Brand Value$13.8 B
1-Yr Value Change-3%
Brand Revenue$59.6 B

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