Facebook (facebook.com): Connect And Share With The People In Your Life

Facebook is a social network that lets you interact with people on the internet. The main feature of the social network is connecting with friends that you may not be able to see in real life. In addition, you can set up your page, put up pictures, update status updates and post other content.

In the past year, facebook.com changed its timeline from a news feed to a scrolling feed. This change has come with a lot of criticism, especially since most of those who use the site are not tech-savvy.

It has also changed the way people browse their news feeds, and it has been described as “disrupting” the way users communicate with their friends on social media. But while there are many things to criticize, there is also a lot to commend about the changes that facebook.com has made.

Facebook Brand Details:

Brand Value$70.3 B
1-Yr Value Change-21%
Brand Revenue$49.7 B

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