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One of the largest investors in Coca-Cola is The Coca-Cola Company, which is a beverage company that makes soft drinks, especially in the Americas. The name Coca-Cola derives from the Koke Koke, the Yerba Mate, and “kola” leaves used initially to make the beverage, and it is often called “kola”.

The Coca-Cola Company also owns the Minute Maid juice drink line, the Odwalla fruit drink/beverage company, the Powerade sports drink, Dasani water, a line of juices, and the Glaceau Vitaminwater brand. Coca-Cola has long been a household name for many people around the world.

If your family has a personal history of being a fan of the brand, you probably associate Coca-Cola with family gatherings and celebrations. If you’re reading this, you probably associate it with a certain image of happy, smiling people.

Coca-Cola Brand Details:

Brand Value$64.4 B
1-Yr Value Change9%
Brand Revenue$25.2 B
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