IBM ( American Multinational Technology Company

IBM is one of the biggest technology brands in the world, and this year, it announced some major changes to its business.

As IBM gets smaller, it is looking to invest more in sales, marketing, and support staff. This strategy, which is common at big tech companies, is designed to improve the quality of IBM employees.

IBM is also investing in areas of the business that haven’t been touched in a long time—like customer support.

IBM has been the face of technology for many decades, and with the recent success of the IBM Watson computer program, the brand is hotter than ever. But IBM is far more than an enterprise technology company.

The company’s consumer brands have also excelled in recent years. We look at the history of some of the company’s most successful products, from “IBM” to “Lotus”.

The IBM Corporation is a multinational computer technology corporation that specializes in enterprise systems, software, semiconductors, solutions for communications, storage, and performance management.

In addition, IBM manufactures and markets computer hardware products such as mainframes, midrange servers, storage devices, and supercomputers.

IBM Brand Details:

Brand Value$28.2 B
1-Yr Value Change-10%
Brand Revenue$77.1 B
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