Cisco ( Networking, Cloud, and Cybersecurity Solutions

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) has been a rock for the semiconductor industry for nearly 40 years, but the last half-decade has been rough for the company.

Cisco must compete with Google, Open-Silicon, and other upstarts in the so-called intelligent edge market as the world’s largest maker of switches and routers.

These emerging markets are growing rapidly, but Cisco’s hardware business is still shrinking. Cisco is a huge company that sells excellent networking and security products. But that’s not all that it does.

The company has an extensive business intelligence unit that is responsible for developing new tools for business users. That’s why it’s unusual that there is a blog about only Cisco’s business intelligence products, called Cisco Blogs.

Cisco is the brand that makes things happen. The naming of products, organizing events, and launching campaigns. The brand of innovation. The brand that has always been there and now is everywhere.

Cisco Brand Details:

Brand Value$36 B
1-Yr Value Change4%
Brand Revenue$50.6 B
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