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Disney is one of the most profitable brands in the world—and it shows. The company is known for its iconic characters, quality merchandise, and cutting-edge theme parks. Under Disney’s management, the brand has grown from a small family-owned company to a global powerhouse with a reputation for innovation.

For decades, Disney has been the epitome of modern, cutting-edge branding—and for a good reason. The first thing you notice about Disney is its famous logo. It’s a classic—a mouse of sorts in a circle with the words “Disney” and “Walt” in a stylized font.

Then there’s the name of the company itself. Disney’s founder gave his company a moniker that made it stand out from the rest of the animation industry. In the beginning, it was called Walt Disney Productions, but the name was changed when Walt Disney died in 1966.

Disney Brand Details:

Brand Value$61.3 B
1-Yr Value Change18%
Brand Revenue$38.7 B

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