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Visa is a big brand that you may have heard of before. It’s a big name in the travel industry and one of the most well-known credit cards in the world.

Visa is like an international ID card, and it can be used in over 200 countries around the world. It’s a convenient and simple way to get connected to travelling.

Visa is a global payments network with one mission: to help people, businesses, and governments move money, wherever they’re located.

We’re proud to have more than 220 million card members and help people do business worldwide. For the last few years, Visa has been one of the most recognized brands in the world.

Since it started out as small currency exchange, merchant banking, and payment processing firm, the company has grown into a global financial powerhouse, with more than 210 million cards in circulation, more than 220 million people using its payment services every day, and over one billion Visa-branded payments cards in circulation.

Visa Brand Details:

Brand Value$31.8 B
1-Yr Value Change18%
Brand Revenue$23 B
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