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It is often said that the most innovative companies are the ones that have the most loyal customers. And it’s true. Think about Apple, Starbucks, or any other company that has been around for decades.

So how do they stay in business? Mainly because their customers are loyal. This week at CES, Intel announced a new line of processors with super fast and low power technology and it is called “Cannonlake”.

A team of engineers designed the CPUs intending to remove the heat sink from the processor. The heat sink is the part that gets hot when the processor is working and using the most power, and it is the size of the processor.

The new processors will have a more efficient heat-sink design with a smaller heat-sink, and it will be using a new processor design that will be more efficient.

The new processor, Cannonlake, will also have a new design with low power technology that is more efficient. In an era where brand-centric websites and blogs increase, it’s no surprise that most of them contain the same ingredients.

What you’ll find is that these brands are often positioned as the leaders in their categories, with top-to-bottom brand identity, user-centric content, and industry-leading methods of content creation and distribution.

But as you can guess, the level of sustainability and success a brand must achieve to be mentioned in a space like this is highly dependent on whether it’s one of the best brands in its category.

Intel Brand Details:

Brand Value$39.5 B
1-Yr Value Change2%
Brand Revenue$72 B
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