McDonald’s ( Burgers, Fries & More, Quality Ingredients

Mcdonald’s has become a global brand. The company has become intricately involved in pop culture, raising the ire of many of its critics.

It has also joined several internet memes, even spawning a Twitter account, @McDonalds, written by the supposed founder of the fast-food chain.

Calling a healthy-food, fast-food joint a “franchise” is like calling a supermarket a “store” — it may seem like an odd comparison, but with a bit of perspective, both can be seen as centers of commerce with similar products and services.

So it’s no surprise that McDonald’s and its parent company, McDonald’s Corporation, are trying to grow their brands, either by offering new products or boosting the quality of their already offered ones.

The brand of the world’s most famous hamburger chain has been going through a transformation over the past few years. However, when it comes to marketing, McDonald’s isn’t trying to move beyond its brand values.

After all, the Golden Arches are still the same old McDonald’s around for decades. They have to do a bit more marketing to keep their customers happy, and as a result, they are focusing on minimalism.

McDonald’s Brand Details:

Brand Value$46.1 B
1-Yr Value Change5%
Brand Revenue$100.2 B

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